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Friday, 19 September 2014

6 screens for monitoring with Raspberry Pi cluster

Do you monitor?

Key performance indicators (KPI) , project progresses, server status, user logs (and many more) are constantly changing and the amount of data collected is growing bigger everyday. However it is hard to monitor these values, and sharing them with all the members of the team.
Instead, let's constantly display it.

We had too many things to display on a single monitor. Our solution was to buy 6 monitors!

6 screens for monitoring.

In order to handle 6 monitors, we would normally have to buy a massive desktop PC and a top-end graphic board. The solution we found is using Raspberry Pi! Raspberry Pi is one of the smallest computers in the world and it was born in Cambridge UK. Each Pi's performance is not perfect but it can be powerful enough if we assemble them together to form a cluster.

We immediately bought 6 Raspberry Pis. The main issue was to find a rack to store the 6 Pis. It's common to build a case from lego, however, we didn't have any Lego laying around. Our solution we found is using a shoebox!

Raspberry Pis in a Nike shoe case.
Just Do It!

It looks cool. Cambridge style monitoring environment. Try it like us!


  1. That's it? You aren't going tl tell how to do it?

  2. That's it? You aren't going tl tell how to do it?

    1. Looks pretty self-explanatory to me... 6 Pi's + 6 monitors...

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  4. This shit gets a place to exist on the internet?

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