We are Cambridge Energy Data Lab, a smart energy startup based in Cambridge, UK.
This blog, named "Cambridge Energy Data Analysis", aims to incrementally unveil our big data analysis and technologies to the world. We are a group of young geeks: computer scientists, data scientists, and serial entrepreneurs, having a passion for smart energy and sustainable world.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Hello World. We are "Cambridge Energy Data Lab".

Hello, World!

We are an energetic data-driven start-up based in Cambridge, UK, and this is our first blog post. The company, Cambridge Energy Data Lab (CEDL), was founded in 2013 by a group of young geeks: computer scientists, data scientists, and serial entrepreneurs. As you can easily guess from the company's name, we are focused on "energy data" in the form of electricity generation/consumption numbers, and we claim ourself as a "Lab" since we are research-orientented engineering team. All of our team members either have or are pursuing masters or PhD's in engineering/computer science/mathematics/etc. from an array of international top-tier institutions, including the University of Cambridge.

Our Business 

Currently, our business is based in Asia and the UK. CEDL is providing smart-energy data analysis to utility companies, wind and PV developers, and other large energy-sector players. Our first product will involve forecasting electricity generation from domestic solar panels and electricity consumption in domestic households. Large amounts of domestic electricity consumption/generation data have been collected from households via smart-meter throughout our business partners, and we hope to use this data to develop several products to address the critical needs of the energy market.

This Blog's Mission

CEDL has been developing our forecasting algorithm for the past few months, but hereafter, we will incrementally unveil our research and ideas on this blog. It is important to note that all data in our blog posts will be fully anonymized. Within this limitation, we are going to try to share the essence of our technology to the world. Hopefully, it will inspire some of the people who share the same motivation with us: to make the world sustainable by optimising the inefficiency of electricity usage.

Why Cambridge?

A significant portion of our founding members are graduates/students at the University of Cambridge, so unlike London, Tokyo, San Francisco, or Oxford, it feels like home. With the University being perennially ranked as one of the best in the world, especially in engineering/technology, attracting brilliant talent with expertise in Machine Learning, Bayesian Statistics, and Mathematics is significantly easier. Moreover, the spirit of Newton, Darwin and other prominent scientists is still alive here. We feel that the rigorous atmosphere makes us think forward, unleashing us from short-sighted issues. Many startups have found inspiration and success in Cambridge, and we hope to do the same. We want to ignite the next innovation in smart-meter derived data solutions, and we hope you will follow us along the way.


Director of Cambridge Energy Data Lab.

The picture is on the Clare Bridge, the oldest remaining bridge in Cambridge (since 1640). Feeling the footsteps of Cambridge giants, I am walking on my own way.

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